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At svexa, we work every day to enable our partners to extract the most from their technology and data. In recent years the collection of data has become a global mantra, but we believe there is much more potential to unlock.

sports should be a force for good

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Intelligence for physical training and human performance

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Where science and technology meet

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We are a global brand that brings together scientists, technologists and analysts from around the world.

Svexa USA

founded in the Stanford community

675 Sharon Park Drive, #145
Menlo Park, California 94025
United States

Svexa Sweden

embedded in the academic ecosystem

Wallingatan 12 bv
111 60 Stockholm

Svexa CEE

Eastern Europe HQ

Aleja Grunwaldzka 472
80-309 Gdansk

we transform data into actionable insights

We’d love to hear how you collect and use your human performance data, and we’re confident we can help you generate deeper insights to further unlock your team’s potential. Get in touch for a conversation.

meet our world-class team

Everything we do is rooted in sport. Sport plays an increasingly important role in more and more people’s lives, on and off the field of play. It is central to every culture and society and is core to our health and happiness.

svexa founders

  • Euan Ashley formal Euan Ashley book cover

    Euan Ashley


  • Mikael Mattsson hoodie Marathon des Sables logo and Mikael

    Mikael Mattsson


  • Filip Larsen Filip Larsen cycling

    Filip Larsen


  • Daryl Waggott

    Daryl Waggot


and the people who make it happen every day

  • Darren Montgomery close Darren Montgomery rowing

    Darren Montgomery


  • Shikha Tandon Shikha Tandon with medal at pool

    Shikha Tandon, OLY

    CRPO, Partnerships, Olympian Swimmer

  • Rickard Nilsson Rickard Nilsson in paralympic tricycle race

    Rickard Nilsson

    Director of Software Engineering, Paralympic cyclist

  • Anna Cruse Anna Cruse rowing quad

    Anna Cruse

    Performance Scientist & Data Analyst

  • Johan Rogestedt suit Johan Rogestedt running Sweden

    Johan Rogestedt

    Head of Data Analytics, professional runner

  • Emil Blomberg Emil Blomberg Sweden runner

    Emil Blomberg

    Software Analyst & Analytics, professional runner

  • Andreas Almgren Andreas Almgren runner sweden flag

    Andreas Almgren

    Data Analyst, professional runner

  • Jessica Rudd

    Jessica Rudd

    AI data engineer

  • Ashley Smith Ashley Smith finishing triathlon

    Ashley Smith

    Data Analyst, professional triathlete

  • Johan Zenzen headshot

    Johan Zenzen

    Sr Software Engineer

  • Nick Harding

    Nick Harding

    PhD, Director of Data Sciences

  • Joel Baudin Joel wife BAMM marathon

    Joel Baudin

    Software Developer

  • Annie Taylor Chen black and white

    Annie Taylor Chen

    Front End Developer

  • Lina Nilsson Lina Nilsson cycling

    Lina Nilsson

    PhD Candidate

  • Olof Södergård Olof Södergård running track

    Olof Södergård

    Sports Scientist

  • Dustin Nabhan

    Dustin Nabhan

    Sports Scientist

  • Fredrik Brimstad Fredrik Brimstad sunglasses

    Fredrik Brimstad

    Business Analyst

  • Peter Glas black and white

    Peter Glas

    Director of Applied Sports

  • Olof Hedberg Olof Hedberg XC ski

    Olof Hedberg

    Director of Applied Sports, elite XC ski coach

  • Stina Lundgren Hogbom Stina Lundgren Hogbom running

    Stina Högbom

    PhD, Director of Sports Technology & Innovation

  • Jeremy Korer

    Jeremy Korer

    Director of Legal Affairs

  • Oskar Eriksson black and white formal Oskar Eriksson

    Oskar Eriksson


  • Daniel Kulig stylized Daniel Kulig sporty

    Daniel Kulig

    GM, svexa CEE

  • Inaki de la Parra Inaki de la Parra finishing triathlon race

    Iñaki de la Parra

    Director of Sales and International Growth, elite triathlete coach

  • Mateusz Adamczyk

    Mateusz Adamczyk

    QA Engineer

  • Ayça Aydoğan Ayça Aydoğan

    Ayça Aydoğan

    Software Engineer

  • Karin Nilsson

    Karin Nilsson

    Director of Administration

  • Aarti Modgal

    Aarti Modgal

    Executive Assistant

  • Ashley Shepherd formal

    Ashley Shepherd

    CPA, MSc Professional Accountancy

  • Sale Kwon suit

    Sale Kwon

    Partner at Cooley LLP

  • Mounika Reddy Chandiri Mounika Reddy Chandiri rifle shooting

    Mounika Reddy Chandiri

    Nation lead, India. MSc Engineering, sales professional and elite rifle shooter

  • Alessandro Monaco

    Alessandro Monaco

    Nation Lead – Italy

  • Brinda Christopher black and white

    Brinda Christopher

    FFSEM, MRCP, Head of Sports Medicine

  • Federico W von Son de Fernex

    Federico W. von Son de Fernex

    Nation Lead – Mexico

  • Khaled Azerkan Khaled Azerkan running

    Khaled Azerkan

    Nation Lead – Arabic countries

  • Majed Alsulaiman Majed Alsulaiman table tennis

    Majed Alsulaiman

    Nation Lead – Arabic Countries

Our Philosophy is to Do Good Through Sports

To that end, we have established a number of internal and externally focused initiatives to ensure we’re investing time and money in this vital area.
See our solidarity programs

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