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Our team have decades of world-leading experience in human physiology, precision health and data science, and regularly push forward the knowledge boundaries in these areas. We work with many different data sources from simple questionnaires to sophisticated wearables then redefine it, analyse it and deliver actionable insights that enable you to unlock your physical and mental potential.
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what do we do? unlock human potential

Whether you are an amateur athlete, an elite sportsman, a pro player, a team coach. If you or your employees work in an office, or even if you are a professional soldier. All of you have potential that is hidden behind the mental and physical barriers that can be moved with optimized data and practical solutions. It’s not magic, it’s all science based. And of course it’s well proven!

SVEXA is a human performance intelligence company combining expertise in physiology, precision health and data science with a deep understanding in technology, molecular profiling, and practical sports performance.


Our unique metrics integrate all available data to deliver truly individualized, actionable recommendations that help you perform at your best.

how do we do it? using all available data

We would be lying if we said it was easy.


Combining both data processing and human expertise effectively is our key to transforming data into insight. It takes time, knowledge and commitment to achieve well effects. One can use it further in optimizing training, recovery and improving performance.


Is it worth it? YES, the results speak for themselves.

science and expertise drives results! our case studies

Soccer: Werder Bremen

Individualized player passports and injury prediction for pro soccer players

What we’ve improved:

  • Athlete profiling
  • Harmonizing sources
  • Injury prevention
  • Sport performance

Injury prediction

Algorithm to Predict Injury from Retrospective Data in English Premier League

What we’ve improved:

  • Athlete profiling
  • Athlete recovery
  • Injury prevention

Illness prediction

Algorithm to Predict Illness from Retrospective Data in English Premier League

What we’ve improved:

  • Athlete profiling
  • General wellness
  • Harmonizing sources

let us find the solutions right for you!

From advice on data gathering to licensing our algorithms for comprehensive insights, we will discuss your needs and tailor our efforts to deliver what will work best for you.
we’re hiring!
we’re hiring!
we are searching for amazing scientists, analysts and engineers

Svexa offers a fun, challenging environment to utilize and improve your skills developing a cutting edge range of products to enable many aspects human performance.


Be a part of it!

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At svexa we are constantly evolving. There are many things you can do in our company. Right now we are growing quickly, filling multiple roles to support our product development and client work.

We are always looking for bright, motivated, flexible people. Join our team!

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