case studies Werder Bremen

overall improvements

  • 2 seasons

    we analyzed all available data
  • 22 player passports

    completed for coaching insights
  • 75 %

    injuries correctly predicted
  • <5 %

    false positives in our injury predictions

what was the challenge

and this is what we improved

  • Athlete profiling
  • Harmonizing sources
  • Injury prevention
  • Sport performance

Svexa performed comprehensive and integrated data analysis covering two full seasons of soccer, culminating in delivery of Player Profiles for the full roster of players. We also concucted a retrospective analysis of injuries, identifying metrics that allow us to accurately avoid the majority of injuries to players.

We were successful first in being selected among the 10 % that reached Werder Lab’s contest final and then also in winning. During the ensuing project we were able to complete all our goals, including delivering deeply individualized profiles for each player that unlock recovery and performance insights for the coaching staff. The exact data and results are obviously secret, but we are very happy with the accuracy of our algorithms, with injury prediction up to over 75 % (for players that have been injured several times) with really low false-positive rate below 5%.

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Werder Bremen Case Study