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  • Recommendations for optimal performance
  • Roster load management
  • Injury risk forecasting and mitigation
  • Future risk simulation
  • Data Integrity services
  • Custom research

Client Sports & Industries

  • Soccer – Major national leagues, UEFA Champions League, Europa League
  • American Football – working closely with teams in the NFL and NCAA
  • Basketball – enabling improved uptime and performance in the NBA
  • Women’s Soccer – FA Super League and similar national leagues
  • Military – improve health and readiness of service members by forecasting MSK injury risk and optimizing deployment availability
  • Custom Research – we conduct projects for sports leagues and leading industry organizations that aim to get more from their performance data

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Zone 7 Audit Report

Audit Report

Clients seeking our retrospective injury and load management audit receive monthly reports highlighting risk and load management patterns as well as ongoing data quality monitoring to help report transparently on players’ preparedness, for practitioners, coaches and sporting directors.

The report can also identify monthly trends around injury incidence, time-loss, injury types and risk risk factors, review and reflect on workload management strategies and assist in maintaining data quality across the performance and medical domain.

Zone7 Pro app

Pro App

Zone7’s Pro service clients (available in soccer and American football, other sports in development) have access to a mobile & desktop app surfacing actionable training and recovery recommendations for optimal individual performance, alongside real time injury risk forecasting, risk related data patterns associated with every forecast and appropriate trend analysis. The app also offers roster load management prescriptions and has a weekly planner and periodization simulator.

This has helped clients to make data-informed workload management decisions, improve player availability (vs prior seasons), save hours per day on data handling and analysis, and simulate squad and individual workload projections for feedback on scenario planning.

Elite service

Elite Service

Users of our Elite service collaborate in-person with members of our highly experienced team of sports and data scientists, receive expedited SLAs, and task us with custom research and individual player data analysis.

These projects that have provided insights on impact of areas such as scheduling, travel, and player resilience, as well as ensuring they have a responsibly innovative performance data environment.

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