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Filip’s latest podcast – Finding the line between enough and too much training

In this interview with That Triathlon Show on, svexa CSO Dr Filip Larsen discusses research conducted by him and his team on finding the line between enough and too much training using various physiological and cellular markers, and how to take these findings from the lab and apply them in the field.

In this Episode you’ll learn about:

  • Effects of intensified training on performance and cardiovascular parameters

  • Effects on mitochondrial parameters, including impaired mitochondrial respiration

  • Effects on glucose tolerance and substrate utilisation

  • Effects on glycolytic pathway and muscle glycogen adaptations

  • Implications for training, including when and how to do high-intensity training, how often to plan in rest cycles among load cycles, and more


Emil Blomberg

In addition to his role as svexa’s Chief Science Officer, Dr Filip Larsen is Associate Professor, Swedish School of Sports & Health Sciences, and a Physiologist for Swedish National Orienteering Team.

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