Jessica Rudd

Jessica Rudd deepens svexa AI expertise

We’re happy to announce that Jessica Rudd PhD is joining svexa as a consultant data engineer. Jessica is an expert data scientist, programmer, and AI product developer who bridges the gap between data, research, and production-ready AI products. Currently based in Atlanta, GA, Jessica brings 15 years of experience in analytics, more recently specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence software development.

Jessica’s expertise includes the development of end-to-end machine learning pipelines, enterprise-grade software development, high-quality synthetic data generation, data security, privacy, and compliance regulations, AI ethics, applied statistics, sports analytics, and healthcare technology.

“I’m passionate about data democratization and improving access to high-quality, representative data. I believe in the power of data science for good so that technology products can be built to serve the needs and interests of people rather than people serving technology. I build products that improve business analytics while protecting personal data.  Svexa aligns perfectly with my philosophies and goals.

As an epidemiologist and biostatistician at the CDC for 10 years, I was constantly reminded that there are “people in p-values”. Now, as a social scientist who became a data scientist, my social science sensibilities are an important part of how I develop products and lead teams. “ – Jessica R.

Jessica holds a PhD in analytics and data science from

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