Pracca Education is unlocking the individualization of sports education

A central thrust of Svexa’s work is to deliver truly individualized recommendations for athletes, recognizing that each person will respond differently to training. But individualization is a key feature in many aspects of our life, not just for sports performance. So we’re happy to announce that Svexa will be working with Pracca Education AB to unlock the power of individualization in education.

Pracca Education

In education, you are always trying to seed the student’s interest for the topic, so if you can match the current state and thoughts to the most suitable educational material it would be beneficial for the drive to learn. Traditional curriculums are pre-set in a linear manner, you go from the beginning with Chapter 1 and continue to the end, with no accounting for what is optimal for each student on a given day.

In the quest to change and improve the education for high-school sport students, Pracca Education will use Svexa’s algorithms for daily readiness (based on our Readiness Advisor app) to create a system where the daily status and issues are the base for that day’s educational material. For example, if you have been training too hard you will work on the chapters about training planning and recovery.

Johanna Bergman Pracca

“Pracca’s Short term goal is to test how youth athletes experience and make use of knowledge that is linked to their own well-being and training environment. Our long-term goal is to find an attractive and user friendly digital solution that encourage youth athletes to adapt training to their own needs as well as motivate learning about factors influencing performance and well being.

“Today a lot of young athletes are trained to be dependent on the coach via subjective methods and we miss out on education in a vital age.”

– Pracca’s Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board Johanna Bergman

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