Shikha talks to Sports Business Journal – from Olympic swimming to sports tech

In this interview with Sports Business Journal, svexa’s  Director of Partnerships Shikha Tandon, OLY talks about the unique path she has taken. From learning to swim at age 8 to representing India as their only swimmer at the Athens Olympics, through her subsequent work at the US Anti-Doping Agency and into her recent career in sports tech with svexa.

As Shikha says of svexa tech, “Having access to this, I think, would have helped me potentially elongate my career a little more because I did start getting injured quite a bit towards the end. So I think from an injury prevention or management standpoint, I think a lot of this could have also helped. And, again, from an overtraining perspective, keeping me in my optimal zones, I think, also could have helped in some situations.”

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Shikha has an MSc in Biology and in Biotechnology, and is an Olympic Swimmer with 37 medals in international championships.

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