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  • Metrics: terms like ‘load’ mean different things in each context, and often are treated differently by each provider. In order to perform effective integrated analyses, we must recalculate fundamentals like this in order to ‘harmonize’ them on the most rigorous scientific basis 
  • Profiling: a key pillar of svexa’s philosophy is that each individual is just that – individual. In order to generate effective training recommendations, we must first build a detailed profile of what makes eachh person perform, and which metrics indicate likely improvement or decline 
  • Readiness: once we understand the individual’s physiological profile, we can use their incoming training and performance data to assess near-term readiness. Typically we do this on a daily basis. It can be based simply on data from our Readiness Advisor app which takes just a few seconds each day, though our algorithms will be increasingly precise as more devices or inputs feeds are added 
  • Training: knowing the athlete’s profile in combination with their goals and preferences, we can build training recommendations that range from matching individuals to trainers or setting suitable weights through to sophisticated adaptive training plans through our Ellida product 

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