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Svexa acquires Restwise, bolstering strength in intelligent athlete recovery solutions

We’re happy to announce that svexa has acquired Restwise, a recovery focused software platform for coaches and athletes. Using evidence-based research, rigorously-tested variable weightings and a proprietary algorithm, Restwise has defined a patented solution to the question that plagues every athlete: “am I training too hard… or not hard enough?” Coaches can assess an athlete’s outcomes and plan for proper training sessions which foster performance. Recovery devices such as pulse oximeter which calculates heart resting rate, oxygen saturation level etc and Pulse O2 which calculates sleep quality and quantity can be connected to the company’s platform to increase its accuracy. Devices and apps that track recovery-related metrics such as resting heart rate, heart rate variability, weight, sleep quality and quantity can be used with the Restwise platform to increase accuracy.

From their founding back in 2009, Restwise was the first company to develop and offer an integrated recovery score. Since then it has been a valuable tool for many coaches and athletes including many professionals, helping them find that elusive line between pushing to the limits and tipping over into counter-productive overtraining.

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When we founded Restwise our goal was to help athletes get more in tune with their physiology, to strike a better balance between training and recovery. Partnering with svexa offers the perfect opportunity to take this philosophy to the next level and bring a wider range of insights to our coaches and athletes” – Jeff Hunt, Restwise CEO & Co-Founder

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Restwise have pioneered some of the fundamental ideas and techniques in the same field as svexa, unlocking the power of each athlete’s data to deliver individualized insights. We look forward to building on their solutions to deliver deeper insights applicable in a wide range of human performance scenarios-” – C. Mikael Mattsson, svexa CEO & Co-Founder

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