Bartosz Marczyński

Bartosz Marczyński joins svexa as Software Developer

With our rapid rollout of products continuing, we’re happy to confirm that Bartosz Marczyński has joined svexa as a Software Developer. He’ll be working in our Platform Unit, focused on back end development under the guidance of team lead Rickard Nilsson.

Bartosz received his Bachelor of Engineering at Wrocław University of Technology, where he studied Control Engineering and Robotics. He started his career working in robotics, mechatronics and related coding. More recently Bartosz has developed software using a range of tools from CMS written using Django framework, to microservices and CLI tools in Go. He also experience in DevOps and software auditing.

Bartosz enjoys weightlifting and hiking, and expanding his knowledge of programming language theory, the history of Europe and the Middle East, and computer security. Welcome to the team!

Bartosz Marczyński

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