Athlete Mental Health Link

CWP offering apps and resources to improve athlete mental health

We’re excited to announce a collaboration with CWP (Cutler Wellness Programs). CWP’s Athlete Mental Health Link app will incorporate Svexa’s Athlete Advisor tech, using daily physical and emotional scales to help you and your coach determine your readiness to train! This daily check-in will help spot signs and symptoms of mental health issues, and the app will offer actions and strategies to help decrease stress and anxiety so you can perform better!

Although, there are numerous programming options for athlete populations, there is still a void in the integration of technology and mental health. CWP’s Athlete Mental Health L*I*N*K mobile app was designed to educate, as well as provide resources & support to the athlete population.

“Our goal is to integrate better ways of creating supportive communities for athletes seeking mental health support, by using technology.” – CWP Founder Betsy Cutler.

Svexa CEO Mikael agrees – “Svexa is committed to helping athletes of all sports and levels to optimize their health and performance. We can create more powerful tools through a complete system that combines info about mental, physiological, and performance data”

CWP are looking for teams and sport organizations to pilot this collaboration and experience the daily engagement with your athletes while offering them resources for mental health resiliency. If you’re interested, contact CWP now.

Athlete Mental Health Link

Professional athletes should have access to educational mental health resources along with the ease of access for clinical options that are built specifically for them. Collegiate athletes should be provided a confidential, coordinated Mental Wellness Program that is integrated into their athletic curriculum.

The MH Link mobile app offers several ways to support the mental health of professional, collegiate, and high school athletes & players. Download the app now at the links below:

Mental Health Link app QR codes

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