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PRODUCT RELEASE: Thrud by svexa – personalized, adaptive strength training plans

Athletes at all levels often have a desire simply to get stronger. It may be to improve their performance in a related sport, to maintain fitness or simply to attain their preferred physique. They can buy some weights, hit the gym or perhaps hire a personal trainer, and there are many available apps that will suggest a training regime. However, those tools will typically provide only a generic plan, treating each athlete the same.

Thrud is svexa’s new recommendation engine for strength training. It is available for B2B licensing by sports tech companies, gym networks, or general wellness providers. It’s provided via a simple plug-and-play API, or as a tailored mobile/web app.

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Anna Cruse
As svexa Performance Scientist Anna Cruse explains, Thrud by svexa takes an entirely different approach:
“Our team has decades of experience working with elite athletes at USOC, pro and national teams, and we know that strength training must be carefully tailored in order to deliver the desired outcome.  Thrud delivers that tailored program.”

Dustin Nabhan
Svexa Sport Scientist Dustin Nabhan adds:
“Beyond the elite, svexa’s combination of AI and scientific underpinning allows Thrud to deliver programs across a wide range of scenarios, including recreational athletes and those simply looking to improve their health.”

Johan Rogestedt suit
Svexa’s Head of Analytics Johan Rogestedt continues, “Thrud uses our proprietary simulation engine to generate the optimal training plan based on each individual’s unique strength training history and physiology. Just as importantly, Thrud then continues to learn and adapt plans as we learn more about the person through their ongoing training.”

Svexa’s products are named from Scandinavian mythology. Thrud is the daughter of Thor, the Norse god of thunder, and Sif, representing a lineage of immense power and strength. Just as Thrud inherits her might from formidable deities, users of the Thrud program can tap into a legacy of strength training, wisdom and innovation.

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hyper-personalized, adaptive strength training

  • Harmonise available data: svexa’s proprietary engine will bring together available data from many different sources, recalculating key metrics as needed for proper analysis
  • Build athlete profile: Using all historic training info from connected devices or apps, we build a physiological model, their Digital Twin, to understand how the athlete responds to different types of strength training. We will also determine their recovery capacity and set a reasonable training load to prevent overtraining.
  • Understand their goals: What is their overall aim – strength, tone, mass? are they focused on particular muscle groups? what sort of event or milestone are they aiming for, over what timeframe?
  • Generate Unique Training Plan: our algorithm simulates thousands of possible plans to determine which best fits the profile. The result is a tailored, personalized strength training plan that breaks down workouts and recovery day by day
  • Align with Exercise Library: working with established strength training technology, svexa can mapp recommendations back to the existing list of available exercises
  • Automatic Updates: as the athlete works out, our engine uses new training data to continually refine their personal profile and improve their training plan
  • Flexible Implementation: plug-and-play API and mobile/web app for sports tech providers, or direct access for athletes and coaches

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