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Svexa receives funding from Yamaha Motor Ventures to accelerate growth !

Menlo Park, CA – March 16, 2022 – Svexa (Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics), an innovative exercise intelligence company, announced today that it has closed a $2.8 Million seed round, with Yamaha Motor Ventures as the lead investor, to fuel the launch of its new tools for the sports, fitness and health markets across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Svexa’s proprietary algorithms, microservices, and intelligence platform (a combination of artificial and human intelligence) allow sports tech providers to bring more insight to their clients, and professional sports organizations to optimize their athletes’ training regime, boost performance and reduce injuries. Svexa’s team leads the world in developing insights for sports physiology and human performance. They are closely linked to top universities like Stanford and Karolinska Institutet, and many team members have decades of experience working with world class athletes in a wide variety of sports.

Yamaha Motor Ventures is leading the funding round, and Navigio Capital and Black Lab Sports are providing additional investment and industry knowledge, building on an original pre-seed investment from Getty Sports Science.

“Svexa aligns with Yamaha Motor Ventures’ long-term vision of enhancing human possibilities and our deep passion for sports. Their innovative solutions address a fast-growing challenge in the sports tech and performance sector, which is to efficiently integrate data and extract actionable insights,” said Timo Kilp, Principal at Yamaha Motor Ventures. “We see great potential for svexa to become the leading platform in the field of sports intelligence and are excited to be working closely with their exceptional team to support the scaling of their technology.”

Svexa was founded in 2018 and today has offices in the USA, Sweden, and Poland. Current clients are spread across the world, and include sports organizations from both endurance and team sports, as well as hardware and software companies, for example at-home strength training machines, heart rate monitors, and platforms for recreational endurance races.

Mikael Mattsson, svexa’s CEO added:

“Our combined knowledge in areas such as exercise physiology, technology and artificial intelligence, and an actual understanding of the practical situation for the athletes and coaches, allow us to go beyond typical data analysis. By incorporating our deep scientific understanding we can produce genuinely individualized recommendations – in a scalable system. With this investment, we’ll be able to more quickly share our expertise to a wide range of users of sports technology and data.

Svexa started working with soccer teams and world class swimmers, has expanded to other sports like running, triathlon, cycling, cross-country skiing, baseball, and cricket, and also expanded the reach from elite athletes to recreational athletes at any level. The same system can be used in for example military training, concierge medical clinics, general well being, and corporate health programs.

“We are investing at the intersection of human potential, exponential technologies, and personalization. We view svexa as the leader in applying artificial intelligence and analytics to physiological data – pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for the individual to train, perform, and recover. We believe svexa’s culture, science, and team will change the game for not only elite athletes, but also for the overall well-being of the entire population.” – Bill Powell at Black Lab Sports.

For more information about svexa, visit www.svexa.com.

About Yamaha Motor Ventures

Yamaha Motor Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC). Founded in 2015 in support of YMC’s long-term goal to contribute to society through business, Yamaha Motor Ventures manages the Yamaha Motor Exploratory Fund, a US$100 million investment fund with a 10-year lifecycle focused on seed to Series B investments. Headquartered in the home of innovation, Silicon Valley, California, Yamaha Motor Ventures offers a wealth of business development resources to startup companies to drive innovation forward in the fields of mobility, sustainability, robotics, food and agriculture, health and wellness, and aviation. For more information visit www.yamahamotor.vc.

About Black Lab Sports

Black Lab is on a passionate quest to create the future, live a life of meaning, and provide all those around with boundless possibilities. They are a venture capital firm, investing in Thinker Doers. They incubate technology and invest in businesses that unleash human potential – Mind, Body, and Energy. To bring these technologies to market, Black Lab built an innovation hub and commercialization platform at the intersection of business, human performance, and creativity. The Lab’s flagship location, in the heart of Boulder, CO, is centered around an ethos of unleashing greatness, building connections, and doing meaningful work. For more information visit https://www.blacklabsports.com/

About Navigio

Navigio means The one who provides guidance. Navigio is one of the leading Nordic consulting companies for creating growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. Navigio creates value through strategy and organizational design combined with data-driven psychometry, executive search, and the development of leaders and management teams. Our vision, Full Potential Unleashed for both companies and individuals, guides and supports us in the work we do. It also guides us in our commitment to society. Since 2019 Navigio, through the investment company Navigio Capital, has been investing in growth companies that they support with their ability to release power that creates growth. For more information visit https://navigio.eu/

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