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Check out our new Ellida video – individualized, optimized, adaptive training planning

When athletes train for an upcoming event or goal, they can hire a personal trainer or use one of the many available apps to generate a training plan. However, those tools will typically provide only a generic plan, treating each athlete the same. Svexa’s Ellida product takes an entirely different approach, using sophisticated simulation to generate the optimal training plan based on each athlete’s unique history and physiology.

Ellida is available for sports tech companies to license via a simple plug-and-play API, or as a tailored mobile/web app.

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  • Build athlete profile: Using all historic training info from connected devices or apps, we build a physiological model to understand how the athlete responds to different types of training. We will also determine their recovery capacity and set a reasonable training load to prevent overtraining.
  • Understand their goals: Which sport are they focused on, what sort of event or milestone are they aiming for, over what timeframe?
  • Generate Unique Training Plan: our algorithm simulates thousands of possible plans to determine which best fits the profile. The result is a tailored, personalized training plan that breaks down activity sessions and recovery day by day
  • Automatic Updates: as the athlete trains, our engine uses new training data to continually refine their personal profile and improve their training plan
  • Flexible Implementation: plug-and-play API and mobile/web app for sports tech providers, or direct access for athletes and coaches

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